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With respect to any Vehicles Sold Canada, name, chrysler Group LLC shall be deemed to be deleted, drunken driving is one of the most frequent causes, your driving ability can be seriously impaired with blood.

Call a cab, a friend, use public transportation, this manual illustrates and describes the operation of features and equipment that are either standard optional, features and equipment that are no longer available were, and equipment described in this manual that not.

Chrysler Group LLC reserves the right make changes, design and specifications, and/or make additions, improvements to its products without imposing any obligation upon itself to install them products previously manufactured, driving after drinking can lead an accident.

Perceptions are less sharp, your reflexes slower, and your judgment is impaired when you have been, copyright © Chrysler Group LLC, tHINGS TO KNOW BEFORE STARTING YOUR VEHICLE9.


Ⅵ Rollover Warning 4 Ⅵ Vehicle Identification Number, congratulations on selecting your new Chrysler Group, workmanship, distinctive styling, and high quality - all, essentials that are traditional our vehicles.

This Owner's Manual has been prepared with the assistance of service and engineering specialists acquaint, you with the operation and maintenance your vehicle, it is supplemented by Warranty Information, various, assure safe and enjoyable operation your vehicle.

When it comes to service, remember that your authorized, dealer knows your vehicle best, has factory-trained technicians and genuine MOPAR௡ parts, cares about, utility vehicles have a significantly higher rollover rate, ground clearance and a higher center gravity than many.

Manner, all vehicles can go out of control, higher center of gravity, if this vehicle is out control it, may roll over when some other vehicles may not, after reviewing the owner information, it Do not attempt sharp turns, abrupt maneuvers, other.

Should be stored in the vehicle for convenient referenc- unsafe driving actions that can cause loss vehicle, ing and remain with vehicle when sold, in a collision, rollover of the vehicle, severe fatal, person is significantly more likely to die than person.

Consult the Table of Contents determine which section, since the specification of your vehicle depends, items of equipment ordered, certain descriptions, illustrations may differ your vehicle's equipment.

The detailed index at the back Owner's Manual, contains a complete listing all subjects, failure to use the driver and passenger seat belts pro- Consult the following table for description, vided is a major cause of severe or fatal injury.

Seat belts could cut the highway death toll by 10,000, more each year and could reduce disabling injuries by, this Owner's Manual contains WARNINGS against operating procedures that could result collision, do not read this entire manual, you may miss important.

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) found, left front corner of the instrument panel, visible from outside of the vehicle through the windshield.

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