2017 Nissan Rogue Sport Test Drive Review

While CVTs are largely a subjective matter—we tend to dislike them, some buyers are oblivious—the unit in the Rogue Sport, which behaves like a traditional automatic by executing distinct shifts, does little to change preconceptions. Left to its own devices, and even with its shifting mimicry, the CVT exhibits the characteristic rubber-band effect under heavy throttle. Toggling the shifter into its Sport mode keeps the engine in the meat of its powerband with surprising tenacity. Given that the 2.0-liter makes most of its power in the upper end of the tachometer (its 141-hp peak occurs at a relatively high 6000 rpm; maximum torque is 147 lb-ft at 4400 rpm), things can get a little buzzy. Stay in the throttle through the twisties and it’ll hold a “gear” until you reach a straightaway long enough that the only way to continue accelerating is to adjust the ratio. That’s when things get less fun, as the CVT handles the ratio adjustment, or “shift,” with slippery indifference. You can call out the action manually via the shift lever—there are no shift paddles—but the sluggish result is essentially the same. (Note to diehard clutch-pedal devotees residing near our northern border: The Canada-market Rogue Sport, which retains the Qashqai name, offers a six-speed manual gearbox.)

Source : https://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/2017-nissan-rogue-sport-awd-test-review

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