First Used Tesla Model 3 Listed For Sale At $150,000

If your pockets are lined with cash and you really need to be the envy of all Tesla fanboys, then we've got the car to show you. A used Tesla Model 3 has popped up for sale in California early this morning, and its owner has listed it for the ripe price of $150,000.

Tesla's Model 3 is an icon. Now, hear me out before judging electric cars as a whole or me for constantly advocating their place in this world. It's not that the car is electrified that makes it important, it's that the Model 3 is the begging of the normalization and affordability of electrified cars. CEO Elon Musk wrote a "master plan" comprised of three main goals: Build an expensive sports car (the Tesla Roadster), use those funds to build a slightly less expensive luxury car (Tesla Model S), and finally use the money made from that car to build a mass-production "every man's" car, which is the Model 3 is that car that Tesla worked so hard to make.

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