Ford Focus Mk2 Tops List Of Most Serviced Vehicles In 2016

All told, the drivetrain is outstanding. The engine possesses a pleasingly raspy exhaust note, good rolling response (free from lag) and offers a strong mid-range and a willingness to rev out if you want to have some fun. It’s a class-leader.

The new transmission offers welcome docility around town free from the old Powershift DCT’s hesitancy, and the ability to be decisive in its downshifts, though the manual mode is still controlled by silly buttons on the shifter rather than paddles.

Under the skin, the Focus offers all-round independent suspension, electric-assisted steering with about 2.6 turns lock-to-lock, and 16-inch alloy wheels on 205/60 Michelin Primacy tyres.

The steering is tuned in typical Euro-Ford fashion — very light but also wonderfully direct and sharp on centre in a way that renders the lack of feel-and-feedback unimportant. As always with the Focus, there’s a seriously well-balanced chassis that renders the car both nimble and highly controllable near the limit.

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