Rolls Royce Phantom VIII Review – Taking Refinement To A New Dimension

Away from the frenetic new-car-every-week launch schedule, there’s Rolls-Royce. Despite several new Rolls models in recent years, such as the Ghost and the Wraith, the arrival of a new Phantom flagship is a very rare event - the current (Mark VII) model is 14 years old, although the Phantom name dates back 92 years and is reckoned to be the oldest production nameplate in the world.

It’s fair to say that a car such as the Phantom doesn’t age in the same way as volume models, although after a production run of 14 years it’s also fair to say that there’s room for improvement in what many people - including many of the richest, most discerning individuals you can imagine - still perceive as the best car in the world.  

The importance of a new Phantom is not lost on Rolls-Royce, which prides itself on producing the benchmark of luxury products. “A new Rolls-Royce is very important for the luxury...

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Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII review – taking refinement to a new dimension
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