Tesla Model 3 First Used Car Listed For Sale On Craigslist For $150000

Not everybody owns a Tesla Model 3. The reason is that this model of the car company is still in a production conundrum. The sales targets are not being met and this has unleashed widespread pandemonium on earth.

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Very rare individuals own one and that too is a pre-ordered one. Craigslist had an individual attempt to sell his Model 3 for $150,000 before he deleted the post, according to Electrek.

Had the vehicle been sold for this amount in cash, it would have made quite a lot of profit for the person concerned. Yet such was not to be. The car cost him just $56,000 so that would have left a hefty profit margin.

The post on Craigslist got deleted soon afterwards just when it had started getting a couple of responses. Representatives from Tesla have not commented any further on the issue.

It is possible that an employee decided to hoodwink the company by buying a car beforehand and then deciding to make a profit from it by reselling it.

Most Tesla employees are forced to sign an agreement by the virtue of which they cannot resell their cars. They may sell the cars for the original price only. Yet this man had tried to do the opposite and nearly gotten away with it.

The fact that the post was deleted in the nick of time is something which shows the culpability of the employee whoever he is. The car was put up for sale in California on Craiglist. Its owner nearly got away with highway robbery (metaphorically speaking).

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, made quite a plan to make such models as the Roadster, the Model S and the Model 3. Once the quality and standards of Tesla were acknowledged by the public, the pre-orders for the cars began to come in.

The supply and demand became skewed since the demand outstripped the supply. The Model 3 is one of the most iconic cars from Tesla Motors. It is pure luxury and performance on wheels.

At present, the administration of Tesla is playing it cool since it has not got the capacity to produce more cars than the demand for them in the market. The Craigslist ad only added to the chagrin of the admin of Tesla.

Source : https://www.i4u.com/2017/10/124888/tesla-model-3-first-used-car-listed-sale-craigslist-150000

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Tesla Model 3 First Used Car Listed For Sale On Craigslist For $150000
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